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Balancing Your Career: Certification, Education and Experience
Robert Shimonski
Success in IT isn’t based on certification alone. No matter where you are in your career, a three-legged stool of certification, education and experience gives you the support you need.

Looking to the Future: Which Certifications Will Hold Their Value?
Ed Tittel
Like most IT professionals, you’re in this for the long haul. So when selecting certifications, it’s best to pick programs that will grow with you. We’ve got a guide to help you choose wisely.




Defending the Enterprise
Uday O. Ali Pabrai
From viruses to hackers, businesses lose $3 billion annually in productivity trying to keep their systems safe. Security experts can help employers understand and defend the infrastructure.

Online Technical Symposiums
Ed Tittel
When it comes to learning online, you don’t have to give up the advantages of live expert help. IT professionals can access all sorts of just-in-time guidance as they study for certification.

Changing Your Tune to Technology
Tanisha Blakely
From planes to pianos, Roy Gertig has found passions in his personal and professional lives. Now he’s changed his tune to technology, and certifications are the ticket.

Novell Certified Linux Engineer: A Step Toward One Net
Craig Swenson
Linux is the fastest-growing platform in today’s IT industry, and Novell is helping move that ahead. The Novell Certified Linux Engineer (CLE) credential is another step forward.

Dispelling the Stigma of the Paper-Based Credential
Jamie Mulkey, Ed.D.
The stigma of the paper-based certification is continuing, though time and technology are marching past the characterization. Casting it out forever takes a partnership between programs and professionals.



Time-Saving Services: What Back-Office Firms Can Do for You
David Garrett
When you’re a contract expert, billable hours are more attractive than mounds of paperwork. Learn how back-office firms can free your time for earning.

Train-the-Trainer Programs
Ann Beheler
While it’s true that some things can’t be taught, it’s also true that education eases the way. This month, Ann looks at train-the-trainer training to help you succeed as an IT educator.

Building an Effective IT Team Step-by-Step
Paula Moreira
As an IT manager, you know you’re not in it alone. Whether you’re hiring anew or working with existing staff, building a team your way is the first challenge.

Working as a Protocol Analyst
Ed Tittel
When digging deep into networking, protocol analysts take a root-level approach to technology troubleshooting. Certifications can provide career connections.



Security and Certifications: Why the Confusion?
Martin Bean

IT Certification: Will It Last?
David Foster, Ph.D.



Editor’s Letter
Tim Sosbe
Highs and Lows

Letters to the Editor


CertMag on the Web

Being Prepared: Certifying Business Community Expertise
Thomas Mawson
In these uncertain times, security has taken on new importance. But smart companies not only hope for the best, they also plan for the worst. IT professionals are helping prepare for disaster-recovery contingencies.

The Perfect IT Storm
Judith Morel
With Windows Server 2003 dominating the horizon, IT experts have available a new pathway to success. A Microsoft program manager helps you stay the course with a look at Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certifications.

Developing Your Presentation Skills
Katherine Spencer Lee
When wooing business, what you say is sometimes less important than how you say it. This month, Katherine helps you make the right impression on potential clients.

CloseUp: Storage-Related Programs and Certifications
Ed Tittel
Today’s high-speed networks need high-quality experts to handle the high amount of information. Storage certifications can keep you on the cutting edge of your career.

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