Java Adoption Rises, Flattens

What is the state of growth for Java today? Well, that all depends of the location of who you’re asking. According to the compilation of a global series of surveys conducted twice annually by Evans Data Corp. (EDC) in North America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and APAC (Asia Pacific), Java adoption is flourishing in some places, but seems to be topping out in others. This isn’t all that unusual, though, EDC President John Andrews said.

“Not surprisingly, we normally see differences in usage patterns for languages such as Java,” he explained. “What we’ve been seeing clearly is saturation in North America now, where there really is no growth. It’s flat. EMEA follows the same kind of trend. APAC is continuing to adopt Java at a more rapid pace. It exceeds the other groups by 10-plus percent.”

The survey involved about 1,200 respondents worldwide, which broke down roughly evenly between the three regions. The study showed that although Java is still quite popular, it’s facing more competition these days than ever before. “Java remains one of the more dominant programming languages,” Andrews said. “There’s still no question about that. But as we’ve seen in the past year-and-a-half, there are new innovations that have come to market that are apparently simpler. Java has gotten very complex in many ways.

In North America, Java growth leveled off due to a combination of an entrenched base of Microsoft users and increasingly diverse non-proprietary offerings. “Microsoft continues to move forward…



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