IU Awarded $336K to Help Build Network Infrastructure Test Bed

<strong>Indianapolis &mdash; Oct. 9</strong><br />Indiana University has been awarded $336,000 to help launch a new experimental network research infrastructure that one day will lead to the future of the Internet. <br /><br />Part of the Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) Project, IU is among 29 academic and industrial research teams to receive subcontract awards totaling $12 million from BBN Technologies, an advanced technology solutions firm. Sponsored by the National Science Foundation, GENI prototyping supports the development of a national-scale suite of infrastructure for experimental research in groundbreaking network science and engineering. <br /><br />"GENI represents an opportunity to build a platform that will help shape the future of networks," said Jon-Paul Herron, IU&#39;s principle investigator on the GENI project and group manager of engineering for the IU Global Research Network Operations Center. "Network scientists are asking, &#39;If we were to build the Internet from scratch, what would it look like?&#39; GENI is designed to provide the infrastructure network scientists will need to answer that question." <br /><br />As the network infrastructure, GENI, is being constructed and tested, IU will put its experience to work in managing the network through the GENI Meta-Operations Center (GMOC). <br /><br />"Making such an ambitious infrastructure run smoothly in these earliest days will be essential to its growth and viability," Herron said. "Our Meta-Operations Center will develop some of the tools and processes GENI needs to function as a smooth, integrated platform." <br /><br />GENI prototyping will be conducted using a spiral development approach,…



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