iTunes Causes Performance Lag: Check RAM and Prioritize Processes

Q: My computer is a Dell Dimension 2400 running Windows XP. I installed iTunes in late 2006 and for a while was able to use it to save CDs while doing other things at the same time. However, the following February I did a complete OS reinstall, and since then, I really can’t use the computer while I’m saving a CD in iTunes. The entire machine slows to a crawl. And in the past year, this has only gotten worse. iTunes has been completely reinstalled once and I’ve switched from Norton to AVG for my anti-virus needs. Any idea what’s causing this? Could I somehow limit how much processor power iTunes is using or add hardware that would help?

A: Performing an OS reinstall can benefit your computer’s performance if your computer is cluttered with applications and spyware that you no longer need. Just make sure you back up all of your important files first. Then perform a full format of the hard drive to wipe clean anything that might cause your computer to run slower than usual. Get expert help if you have not done this before.

If your computer’s hardware is somewhat outdated, you will want to look into upgrading parts to improve performance. The amount of RAM (random access memory) on your computer can have a large impact on your computer’s performance when you have multiple applications open and running at the same time. To check how much RAM your computer has, right click on the…



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