ITAC and the Enterprise Architect

IT architecture is becoming the discipline that separates success from failure in large or complex IT projects. The ones that succeed have a well-designed architecture that supports the business need as it evolves and changes to respond to market dynamics and competitive pressures. But as enterprise architecture emerges as a true (albeit maturing) profession, there remains a shortage of qualified architects.

A CIO building a team needs the option to look for enterprise architects whose experience meets an accepted set of professional standards. This is fueling the trend for hiring professionally certified enterprise architects.

Large IT consulting firms and end-user companies increasingly look to certification programs for their architects. Initially, some of them developed their own certification programs, but these proprietary programs were costly to administer and didn’t overcome the challenge of recruiting the right talent in the first place.
Today, these companies embrace industry standards such as The Open Group’s IT Architect Certification (IATC) program as a basis for certifying the skills and capabilities of enterprise architects. More than 1,700 individuals have achieved The Open Group’s IT architect certification since the program debuted in 2005.

ITAC deals with the skills and experience of IT architects. As such, it represents an important step in the development of IT architecture as a profession.

The ITAC program has two primary goals:



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