IT Support Hiring May Rebound

Although many IT support jobs were among the first to go at the beginning of the decade, when the tech industry began to look like a Ukrainian presidential election, these positions might be due for a comeback soon, said Brian Brown, vice president of On Call Solutions and human capital specialist. On Call is a staffing firm operating in California that provides companies with the services of contractors working in IT and other fields.

In spite of the recent—if modest—IT job market recovery, tech support hiring has not notably increased, but that may change soon. “For the most part, IT hiring on a global perspective has definitely increased significantly over the past four or five months,” Brown said. “The one area that’s really lagged behind is the traditional technical support arena: help desks, desktop support and network administration. They’ve still tried in a global perspective to push efficiency rather than hiring. I think that will change as companies start to look at service levels, especially on the help desk. As you start to look at where the IT budgets have increased, you’re going to start to see those happen within the technical support arena, the one area that’s lagged significantly over the past few years.”

“If you look at the department levels, some of the first positions that were cut were some of the lower-level, help desk, tier-one and tier-two folks,” he added. “Overall, the call volume increased within those technical support departments to the point where…



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