IT Professionals Lack On-the-Job Resources

Structured training courses have a time and a place, but because of the rapid development of technology, IT trainers must also provide an immediate, up-to-date resource that is integrated into the training curriculum.

When Safari Online Books, an on-demand digital library, recently surveyed 225 technology workers about the types of professional development offered by their organizations, 23 percent responded that they have structured training courses in-house; 20 percent have reimbursement for higher education; 13 percent have online courses; another 13 percent have informal training with peers and superiors; 11 percent have access to online information services; 2 percent have university certifications or accreditations; and 18 percent have none of the above.

Because of the lack of immediate in-house resources, these same respondents are turning to the Internet for their on-the-job questions. Roughly 80 percent of respondents search online one to three times a day for additional information to complete the task at hand; about 10 percent search online four or five times a day; and approximately 5 percent search online five or more times a day.

“What companies are telling me, especially when you talk about IT training, is that people will use online resources to find the latest content,” said Dennis Kilian, vice president and learning guru at Safari. “When you go out and construct a course, whether it is an e-learning course or an instructor-led course, it takes time to do that. It could be six months; it could be 12 months. [But] things change so fast,…



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