IT Professionals Find Online, On-Demand Training a Valuable Resource in Uncertain Times

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<p><strong>Scottsdale, Ariz. &mdash; Aug. 3</strong><br /><br />GoGogh, an interactive solution that allows technical professionals to get training and content and connect with experts in their industry, has seen progressive growth since its launch in June. Technology professionals are using GoGogh to find online, comprehensive training courses on a variety of technologies, and companies are sourcing GoGogh as an alternative to traditional technical training solutions due to the quality of the coursework and GoGogh&rsquo;s cost-effectiveness.<br /><br />&ldquo;We have been really pleased, but not entirely surprised, by the response, as ongoing training is a must now for technical professionals if they want to stay ahead,&rdquo; said Marianne Cherney, CEO and founder of GoGogh. &ldquo;Companies are simply not able to spend on outsourced training right now and are desperate to find solutions that keep their technical employees trained without costing a great deal. GoGogh has been able to provide that solution very easily.&rdquo;<br /><br />Alim Ozcan of Best Practice Consulting said, &ldquo;GoGogh has found a very succinct way to help IT professionals stay on top of the changes in their industries by taking online training communities to another level. Whereas an average IT online community only provides a platform for professionals to connect and interact on technology topics, GoGogh gives much more by enabling affordable expert training that would normally cost an arm and a leg anywhere else.&rdquo;<br /><br />Businesses that regularly send technical staff to on-site and public training courses typically spend $1,000 annually per employee. At $198 per year for 12 training courses per employee, these companies can save significant amounts of money by using GoGogh instead.<br /><br />GoGogh provides online training in everything from iPhone application development and USB architecture to BPEL modeling, project management, Oracle, DB2 and more. Members can join for free and receive one free training session. </p>

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