IT Professionals and IT Managers Sing Praises

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According to a recent survey from CompTIA, both IT professionals and IT managers believe that certification provides benefits. IT professionals in the survey said that CompTIA certifications are a critical factor in getting jobs, getting ahead and getting to do satisfying work. IT managers in the survey said their companies benefit by having a high percentage of CompTIA-certified employees on staff.




Probably the best known of CompTIA’s credentials is the A+, which tests knowledge and competency for entry-level computer technicians. CompTIA’s Linux+ certification tests technicians with six months of experience installing, operating and maintaining Linux operating systems. Network+ tests candidates with at least nine months of experience on network administration and support. For IT professionals interested in getting into the security field within IT, CompTIA offers the Security+ credential. And for those responsible for server hardware functionality, it provides Server+ certification. The organization also offers CDIA+ certification for professionals in document imaging and management, CTT+ for technical trainers, e-Biz+ for those working in e-business environments, HTI+ for home technology integrators, i-Net+ for Internet professionals and IT Project+ for project managers.




Just over 84 percent of the CompTIA-certified IT professionals surveyed said they have the job skills employers are looking for, and 93.3 percent said they can deliver high levels of service to customers. Just under 75 percent said certification makes them more attractive as employees, demonstrating their skill to employers. More than 85 percent said they plan to pursue additional certifications due to the value employers place on certifications.




IT managers reported clear benefits in areas like network availability, help desk and field service productivity, according to the survey. For example, IT managers said that staff members with Network+ certification could handle larger, more complex networks more efficiently than non-certified staff. They also said that organizations with a high percentage of employees with Network+ certification saw markedly lower network downtime than organizations with fewer certified workers.




IT managers rated their CompTIA-certified employees higher in 20 behavioral and skills areas than their non-certified counterparts. These areas included the ability to adapt quickly to changes in technology, capability to handle multiple problems at once, productivity and customer impression.



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