IT Positions Rated Among Top 10 Jobs in Report

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<strong>Carlsbad, Calif. &mdash; Jan. 6</strong><br />&ldquo;I&rsquo;m a Lumberjack and I&rsquo;m OK&rdquo; is a tune made famous by the Monty Python comedy troupe. In 2009, lumberjacks are far from OK. Mathematicians, on the other hand, couldn&rsquo;t be happier. These are among the nation&rsquo;s best and worst jobs compiled in the new &ldquo;2009 Jobs Rated Report,&rdquo; an in-depth look at 200 jobs by<br /><br />The editors at, a new job portal, wanted to answer two key questions in this economic downturn: What are the best jobs out there, and what are the worst in terms of things such as job security, emotional stress, hiring outlook and basic physical safety. <br /><br />When you&#39;re working in a job that you don&#39;t particularly enjoy &mdash; or if you&rsquo;ve recently lost your job after many years &mdash; it&#39;s easy to imagine that the grass may be greener for people in other careers. But unless you pepper those people with questions, it&#39;s hard to find out what their work is really like. How stressful is their job, what&#39;s the work environment like, and is there room for growth?  <br /><br />The criteria used by researchers to determine the most &mdash; and least &mdash; appealing career opportunities include environment, income, employment outlook, physical demands, security and stress. Each occupation is ranked using data from such sources as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau, as well as information provided by a wide range of trade associations and industry groups. <br /><br />The upshot: Secure, well-paying office jobs, such as mathematician, landed high. Physically demanding, high-risk jobs such as lumberjack brought up the rear.  <br /><br />Based on these factors, here are the nation&rsquo;s 10 best and worst jobs.<br /><br />Best<br /><ol><li>Mathematician                                            </li><li>Actuary                                                  </li><li>Statistician                                             </li><li>Biologist                                                </li><li>Software engineer                                        </li><li>Computer systems analyst                                 </li><li>Historian                                                </li><li>Sociologist                                              </li><li>Industrial designer                             </li><li>Accountant             </li></ol>                                                                  <br />Worst                          <br /><ol><li>Lumberjack</li><li>Dairy farmer                                             </li><li>Taxi driver                                              </li><li>Seaman </li><li>Emergency medical technician                              </li><li>Roofer</li><li>Garbage collector                                        </li><li>Welder </li><li>Roustabout</li><li>Iron worker </li></ol>

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