IT Odds and Ends

Every once in a while (usually during a slow news week) we at CertMag like to step back and take a look at some of the interesting miscellany floating around the industry. Here are a few things we found amusing – we hope you do, too.

● AOL is carrying out its war on spammers beyond the traditional cyberspace battlefield and into the physical realm. In fact, the organization recently announced it would go digging for convicted Massachusetts spammer Davis Wolfgang Hawke’s stores of gold and platinum in a garden next to his parents’ house. AOL is launching this latest search based on a tip from Hawke’s ex-girlfriend. This isn’t unheard of for AOL – last year, the company held a contest to give away a Hummer and $100,000 in gold bars and cash confiscated from another spammer to its customers.

● Can’t afford to shell out $250 for a Rolling Stones concert? Well, just wait awhile, and maybe you’ll get to see them live on your PC. A new social-networking site called Second Life ( has merged the strategies of MySpace and the Sims to create a kind of nonviolent (I think), somewhat more reality-based version of Everquest with more than 500,000 members. And as with MySpace, musical artists are getting into it as a way to promote themselves and their work. In fact, acts such as Regina Spektor and Duran Duran have gotten on board, they and are even performing shows in…



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