IT Needs an Independent Third Party

IT leaders today face dilemmas not too unlike the balance of the organization, and the country for that matter, says IT service solutions provider <a href="" target="_blank">Maintech</a>. They simply are a little more used to the squeeze applied to reduce spending and to do more with less. That stated objective does take on new meaning in the midst of an economic downturn, and it forces those same IT leaders to think of alternatives they might not otherwise consider.<br /><br />Many larger enterprises want to find ways to empower the business through better, more efficient systems, faster hardware, smoother applications, more durable networks, and yet they want the spend to be less than the previous year. In addition, they also want to have fewer people doing the work so the overall task seems more and more daunting.<br /><br />Many larger organizations are quite used to going with the usual suspects: having the OEM&rsquo;s or large, global services firms deliver their technology services. They might hire each of the OEMs to provide the warranty support for their systems, and then they typically hire them or the global firms for post-warranty work, as well. They figure that the warranty work is &ldquo;free&rdquo; so they might as well have the OEM provide the service. <br /><br />What they don&rsquo;t care to realize is that the cost of that warranty service is built in to the cost of that equipment, and while there is no separate line item charge, it is part of the overall…



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