IT Hiring Update: Will 2011 Be Bright?

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New York — Dec. 20

Technology departments are set to get bigger, with 6 in 10 hiring managers and technology recruiters expecting to step up hiring in the first half of 2011 as compared to the previous six months, according to a recent Dice survey.

Last month, Dice surveyed human resource managers and recruiters from every region of the country who primarily hire or recruit technology professionals.

Of the companies intending to hire more, nearly half (45 percent) project they will increase hiring by at least 10 percent, with another third of respondents indicating staff increases of 11 to 20 percent, and 15 percent are anticipating bringing in 21 to 30 percent more technology employees.

When asked what their top hiring priority was for 2011, developers of many different stripes are in demand, including Java, .Net, software, Web and mobile. In addition, project managers, business analysts, business intelligence and SAP expertise are top 10 hiring priorities — a sign that companies are finding ways to build value within their own business.

Security analysts featured on the list at No. 10, which shows recognition of the increasing number of threats companies face and the shortage of experience in the field to deal with those threats.

“Technology recruitment activity has strengthened all year, creating more career opportunities for professionals,” said Tom Silver, senior vice president of North America at Dice. “The tech epicenter may be Silicon Valley, but the increase in recruitment activity is geographically broad — and the rumblings from the Valley on retention will echo across the country.”

At the same time, finding technology talent is becoming harder. Nearly half (46 percent) of hiring managers and technology recruiters note that filling positions is taking more time relative to last year. The No. 1 reason is the inability to find qualified technology professionals, instead of caution related to the economy as reported just six months ago.

More than half (52 percent) of corporate respondents indicate that salaries for existing tech staff are flat with last year, outstripping the 41 percent who indicated salaries have risen at least slightly. Right now, 29 percent of hiring managers and recruiters are paying higher salaries for new hires as compared to last year.

Source: Dice

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