IT Governance Goes Espresso

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<strong>Ely, England &mdash; June 15</strong><br />Information security consultants <a href="" target="_blank">IT Governance</a> announced it is making a major commitment to the publishing on-demand model, in a move designed to make its information and IT security resources instantly available to its global audience on an as-needed basis.<br /><br />The company&#39;s publishing arm has entered a new partnership with on-demand publishing leaders Lightning Source to use The Espresso Book Machine, which provides easy-to-use facilities that enable consumers to eliminate any frustrations associated with a title they need being out-of-stock, out-of-print or delayed by delivery.<br /><br />Effectively an &ldquo;ATM for books,&rdquo; the service offers any IT professional or SME business leader who needs instant access to any of IT Governance&#39;s unique book portfolio on issues ranging from green IT to ISO 27001 a means to order a title that can be printed, bound and trimmed on-demand at point of sale. This results in perfectly bound library-quality paperback books with full-color covers in minutes. <br /><br />The Espresso Book Machine, a <em>Time </em>magazine &ldquo;Best Invention of 2007,&rdquo; makes it possible to distribute books as easily, quickly and cheaply as e-mail. IT Governance is making all its current book titles on governance, risk management and compliance topics available via The Espresso Book Machine and all new publications, including the IT soft skills series, going forward. <br /><br />&ldquo;We are committed to making our titles as easily available as possible for our customers,&rdquo; explained Alan Calder, chief executive of IT Governance. &ldquo;Effective IT governance does, after all, depend on availability, authenticity and integrity of information. Company leaders will appreciate the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of being able to access the resources they need, how and when they want them.<br /><br />&ldquo;We&rsquo;re very supportive of the entire e-book industry, and as our readers tend to be amongst the more technologically aware, we&rsquo;re determinedly making our entire back list and all future publications available through as many electronic and new channels as possible,&rdquo; he added.<br /><br />The company already offers all its books in electronic format and 50 percent of sales are in e-book format.<br /><br />The Espresso Book Machine &mdash; new to the U.K. but well-established in the U.S., Canada and Australia &mdash; was launched in the Charing Cross Road branch of Blackwell&#39;s bookshop in April. Blackwell&rsquo;s hopes to roll it out across its 60-store network, with its flagship Oxford branch likely to be an early recipient, as well as a host of other smaller, campus-based shops.<br />

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