IT Executives Share Key Technology Trends

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New York — June 6

Leading financial technology executives say they want innovations that allow them to process more data more quickly, cheaply and reliably, according to results of a recent Bloomberg survey.

The poll was taken at Bloomberg LINK’s Enterprise Technology Summit, a seminar that brought together more than 100 CIOs and technology decision makers from major financial services firms.

The executives were asked 10 questions on key technology trends, and some of the results are listed below:

Spending.  76 percent said they expect to increase IT spending over the next 12 months; only 17 percent said they will decrease; and 7 percent said spending will remain the same.

Managed Solutions. 55 percent said they are shifting more of their overall capital expense to managed solutions; with only 33 percent saying they are not and 12 percent saying they don’t know.

Compliance. 84 percent said they have increased spending on regulatory and compliance systems in the past two years; only 5 percent decreased and 11 percent said spending remained the same.

Cloud. When asked what infrastructure investment areas have yielded the most return on investment in the last year, cloud computing received 45 percent of the responses; another 33 percent said low-latency trading; and 23 percent said complex event processing, or CEP.

Bloomberg LINK produces invitation-only, in-person gatherings that combine editorial programming with peer-to-peer networking amongst the who’s who in influential communities. In this environment, participants engage in open discussions that lead to learning from each other’s expertise and experience.

Speakers at this summit discussed key advancements in cloud computing, managed solutions and security during panels moderated by Bloomberg executives and staff from Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg News and Bloomberg Television.

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