IT Companies Join Together to Boost Cert Market

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Testing and assessment provider Prometric recently announced it has formed an alliance with other IT companies to build and enrich the growing certification market.


In the wake of IT certification’s increasing popularity, the goal of the Information Technology Certification Council (ITCC) is to augment the knowledge of IT professionals in the industry and serve as a resource for both employers and candidates. ITCC started several years ago as a loose consortium, but became an official group in late 2007.


“Most of our initial activities were generally talking about industry issues that were important to discuss, mainly exam security, so for that early period there was just a disconnected coalition of us,” said Ray Kelly, senior vice president of Prometric and longtime ITCC board member. “Various representatives from organizations would meet and talk about exam security issues and what was happening with the theft of exams in China and places like that and figure out how to potentially stop those threats.”


Those early conversations helped get the issues facing the industry out in the open and demonstrated the benefit of formalizing the group to provide objective resources. Representatives from HP, IBM, Microsoft, Sun, Novell, CompTIA and others now have a place on the ITCC.


“We joined forces in an effort to better position IT certification to take advantage of the renaissance we saw soon to occur in the market,” Kelly said. “We knew it would lead to IT certification growth as well, so we do what we can to help propagate that and be a go-to resource for employers, agencies, candidates and others that are seeking information on IT programs, as well as trends in the industry.”


Kelly said the bottom line for the creation of the ITCC is to strengthen the industry as a whole and ensure individuals with certifications do indeed know their stuff.


“IT vendors want their customers and their partners to know that they are providing them with well-equipped people to do the job.”

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