IT Certs May Become Fixtures in High Schools

As information technology increasingly underpins organizational operations in just about every field, many high schools in this country continue to add IT classes to their curricula. Amid these additions, though, is there a place for certifications that have traditionally been developed for and marketed to professionals? According to Kerri Krell, Prosoft Learning’s vice president of market development, the answer to that question is a most enthusiastic “yes!”

“We’ve definitely shifted from ‘get a certification and get a high-paying job’ being the only mission of certification,” she said. “What’s happened now is that schools and states are able to use certification for standardization. Then, the student is able to take that certification and have an educational pathway with it. We’re helping students move through education, not just trying to get them employment.”

Prosoft Learning announced a partnership last month with the Tennessee Department of Education to offer some of the company’s CIW Internet certification courses to high school students. Secondary schools in the state will teach Web Site–Foundations, Web Page Design–Site Designer and Web Page Design–E-Commerce classes, all three of which conform completely to CIW standards. Prosoft has similar agreements with seven other states and is currently in negotiations with the Departments of Education in Wisconsin and Washington state to expand the program to those places.

“Within the (Tennessee) Department of Education, there is department that’s called the Career and Technical Education division,” Krell explained. “With that, they have specific courses that are geared toward students…



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