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You know how some researchers calculate how many hours the average person will spend, say, stuck in traffic or sleeping during a lifetime? I wonder how many hours of my life I’ll spend watching the film “Office Space.” I recently caught it on TV for about the 50,000 th time, and I imagine I’ll make that 50,001 sometime in the not-too-distant future. Made by Mike Judge of “Beavis and Butthead” and “King of the Hill” fame, the movie offers a hilarious (and sometimes all too accurate) depiction of life in a corporate cubicle farm. I especially like the part where three of the main characters gather around a troublesome copier in an empty field after work and proceed to pulverize it to the tune of hardcore hip hop beats. (That really resonates with me, as we have an archaic copy machine here in our office that I wouldn’t mind reenacting that scene on.)


It seems like a movie such as “Office Space” would be particularly well received among IT pros, as it deals with the frustrations, fears and issues many of them face in their professional lives in a humorous and entertaining manner (and in a way that far-flung sci-fi flicks like those in the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings series could never similarly address). I wonder: What other movies out there speak to the geeks? Ones that come to mind are Revenge of the Nerds, which sends up the dorky IT stereotype, or War Games, in which a technology-minded teen played by Matthew Broderick saves the world from nuclear destruction during the Cold War. ( USA! USA!)


Another notable example is The Matrix, which manages to fuse both the stark realities of being a cog in the corporate machinery with the kind of futuristic fantasy world that techies like to immerse themselves in. The cyber-thriller Sneakers is yet another case in point. I could go on and on belaboring this topic, but I’d rather let you guys do it. So, I’ve started a thread in the General Discussion section of our online forum. Go check it out at and cast a vote for the film you think deserves the CertMag Oscar.

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