IT Architects: Blueprint for a Future Career

As IT has matured as both a discipline and an area of employment, the focus on skills and knowledge continues to shift away from pure technology and the nuts-and-bolts of infrastructure design, implementation and management. IT’s role has evolved from a pure, tactical cost center to a nexus of strategic investment and an opportunity for organizations to develop competitive advantages.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the IT architect’s organizational role. An IT architect is an individual who not only understands multiple aspects of information technology from a technical and development or implementation perspective, but who also understands how the proper application and use of IT can help an organization or company meet its goals, improve productivity or profitability and, in general, help organizations work more effectively. Thus, an IT architect brings an understanding of and appreciation for business or organizational needs, goals and objectives, and can assess the value of information technology investments in terms of the returns they bring and the opportunities they enable.

Any study of the IT architect’s roles and responsibilities reveals a profound and major division between two areas of activity: IT infrastructure and software development. IT architects are active in both areas, but those who concentrate on IT infrastructure tend to be more involved in specifying, designing, implementing, testing and driving maintenance of systems, networks and other aspects of IT infrastructure. Those who concentrate on software development tend to be more involved in specifying, designing, implementing, testing, releasing and driving maintenance…



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