IT Alphabet Soup, Part II

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IT Alphabet Soup, Part II

Information technology professionals are known for their heavy use of acronyms in written and spoken communication. In this regard, IT is rivaled only by the finance and defense fields. A while back, we quizzed CertMag readers on what some of these acronyms stand for. Here’s a second helping for those who didn’t get their fill the first time around.

To take to quiz, simply match the acronym with the correct phrase. Have fun and no peeking!

1. DAS

a. data administration services

b. direct attached storage

c. digital-to-analog switch

2. WBT

a. Web-based training

b. wireless bandwidth testing

c. Windows backup technology

3. AAA

a. Apache Association of America

b. authentication, authorization and accounting

c. agile, accessible applications

4. GIS

a. global initiative support

b. general iterative sequence

c. geographic information system

5. JCE

a. Java Cryptography Extension

b. JPEG capture element

c. jitter-control equipment

6. SAM

a. simple automation mode

b. scalable architecture methodology

c. storage area management

7. LEC

a. local exchange carrier

b. layered electronic capability

c. legacy enterprise computing

8. RAD

a. repository of aggregate data

b. rapid application development

c. remote authentication display

If you answered all eight correctly, then let me be the first to congratulate you: You are a god among geeks. If you got between seven and five right, then don’t worry — your techie cred is solid. Between four and two correct answers means you should probably bone up on your comprehension of the IT lingo. If you only managed one — or not even that — then no IT alphabet soup for you!

(Correct answers: 1-b, 2-a, 3-b, 4-c, 5-a, 6-c, 7-a, 8-b)

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