ISSA Launches New Online Learning Center

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The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) has announced its online Learning Center, which will offer basic IT security courses for the organization’s 10,000-plus members around the world. The site’s learning management system allows interested individuals and organizations to register, pay for and take an assortment courses aimed at various levels of skill and experience.


“We need to provide information both to those who are starting out in the profession as well as seasoned professionals,” said Candy Alexander, ISSA’s vice president of education. “It’s really appropriate that we have this diverse coverage of topics.”


The first course (“Why Security Awareness?”) is free. This general overview is designed for executives and managers who need to brush up on their IT security fundamentals. “Security awareness happens to be a major common obstacle in organizations,” Alexander said. “I would recommend (users) go through security awareness first. That would be the baseline.”


After the security awareness module, users can go on to take other lessons depending on their interests and needs. The site also includes classes on more technical subjects like identity theft, spyware, viruses and e-mail security. These are $5 each and run between 30 minutes to an hour, although they’re all self-paced so users can stop and start again as they like. Additional, there are specialized courses aimed at non-IT experts such as students just getting into tech, and parents and their children.


“We try to provide our members with many learning opportunities at a nominal cost,” Alexander said. “This meets that objective in that our members can either go through the programs themselves to increase their own security awareness or pull that program in-house to their own organization.”


Organizations also can use the system to set up private, customized online learning centers that afford outside administrators capabilities such as management of courseware, control over user access and evaluation of individual student data. “We’re looking forward to the ISSA becoming more assertive in offering training to the information security community to help support some of the needs our members have and, for that matter, the industry has,” Alexander said.


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