(ISC)2 to Support Local IT Security Associations

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The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, (ISC)2, has announced a pilot program to support security professionals around the world. The initial phase of the Affiliated Local Interest Group (ALIG) initiative, which is designed to meet the networking and professional development demands of (ISC)2 members and other information security professionals by supporting their security association chapters at the local level, will run until the end of the year.


“It’s a program that we’ve felt there’s been a need for,” said Dow Williamson, (ISC)2’s director of corporate development. “We’ve been working and developing it over the past six months or so, and now is the time to announce and begin it. (ISC)2 has 35,000 members in 110 different countries, and because we’ve made a conscious decision at this point not to have our own chapters, we’ve developed this program with the thought that we ought to promote and encourage our members to belong to and participate in these local chapters.”


ALIG aims to help participating chapters grow their memberships by offering enhanced member benefits such as convenient education opportunities and greater access to other local professionals for peer networking. The initiative also aims to promote the information security profession worldwide by increasing awareness of the importance and benefits of professional certification and continuing professional education among information security professionals.


The pilot currently includes 12 chapters in Europe, Asia/Pacific, Africa and the Americas. “As part of the pilot, we wanted to get as great a geographic dispersion as we could, and also as many different organizations and associations as we could. About half of them are chapters that belong to ISSA (the Information Systems Security Association), and the other half are essentially independent chapters that are not associated with any parent organization.”


Through the ALIG program, the organization will provide resources to each association chapter based upon the number of (ISC)2 members belonging to each individual chapter. In addition, (ISC)2 members who form new chapters are eligible for resources through ALIG, whether the new chapter is part of an existing parent association or is an independent chapter unaffiliated with any other association. ALIG program participants also will have the opportunity to conduct joint events, such as continuing professional education (CPE) courses and official (ISC)2 CBK review seminars.


For more information, see http://www.isc2.org.

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