(ISC)2 to Sponsor ‘Think Security First!’

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The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium Inc., (ISC)2, which educates, qualifies and certifies information security professionals around the world, announced its support of “Think Security First!” The organization’s sponsorship of this community-based national cyber-security awareness campaign—which was developed by the Walnut Creek, Calif., Chamber of Commerce—fits right in with “Year of the Information Security Professional” publicity and education initiative for 2005, said Sarah Bohne, director of communications for (ISC)2.


“The goal of the ‘Year’ campaign is to help the average person appreciate what goes into information security and why it’s so important,” she said. “(Think Security First!) is kind of a grassroots attempt to bring security awareness to citizens of communities nationwide. They’re anxious and excited to work with us, because they’re trying to get the message out to other chambers of commerce nationwide.”


(ISC)2 initially contacted the Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce in the spring of this year, Bohne said. “Someone from the Information Security Forum (ISF) brought it to our attention. Someone on their staff found out about it and was trying to spread the word because they needed some support. We really jumped right on it, frankly, because I think that (ISC)2’s mission is to not only advance the practice of information security, but also to give back to the community. Actually, there were several CISSPs who contributed to the content on the original CD. We didn’t know that until we started doing some research.”


The Think Security First! program is currently offered in a CD format that includes nine modules. The creators of the tool want to expand the content to explain emerging threats such as phishing. Bohne said that (ISC)2 would encourage its members to continue to contribute to the Think Security First! curriculum and utilize it to disseminate that information throughout their communities. “So many of our constituents feel that is part of their duty as a professional,” she said. “We have several in different countries that are already trying to do this sort of thing. The Think Security First! program makes it easier for those of us who want to do that, and we’re happy to facilitate.”


For more information, see http://www.isc2.org.

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