(ISC)2 Partners With IP Events on Continuing Education

The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2, an information security education and certification organization, has announced it will team up with IP Events Inc. to offer its members more continuing professional education (CPE) opportunities. Under the agreement, (ISC)2 constituents will be able to access IP Events’ online content free of charge.

“We have a big commitment to our members to make sure that we provide high-quality CPE opportunities to them,” said Sarah Bohne, (ISC)2’s director of communications and constituent services. “Continuing education is such an important part of their jobs and also their certification. IP Events is a fantastic way for them to log in and get substantive content at their convenience.”

IP Events holds four online, non-commercial conferences a year, including the SATO Security Leadership Council, which was held last week. In these programs, attendees can collect information from virtual exhibitor booths and participate in online sessions on an assortment of IT security topics. “They get access to the virtual sessions for free,” Bohne said. “They also can visit these virtual booths for vendors and pick up information, download brochures and things like that. IP Events allows us to extend that to professionals who might have budgetary or time constraints. They really get the full conference experience without having to leave their office or home.

“The IP Events format allows people to start and stop a session,” she added. “If they have to do it at work, maybe they can do it on their lunch…



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