(ISC)2 Launches Online Cybersecurity Awareness

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Arlington, Va. — Oct. 9
(ISC)2, a nonprofit provider of education and certification for information security professionals throughout their careers, has launched its online Cybersecurity Awareness Resource Center in support of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month this October.

The Cybersecurity Awareness Resource Center is an online repository that houses free security awareness tools from around the world designed to be used by any organization or individual that wishes to promote online safety at work or within their community.

It also can serve as a support tool for private and public sector organizations required to meet cybersecurity-awareness training requirements under directives such as the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and others.

The materials in the repository have been provided by (ISC)s-certified members, representing pre-eminent information security experts from corporate, government and academic arenas spanning North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Tools in the resource center include templates that can be customized by end-users, such as posters, fliers, brochures, presentations, games, radio broadcasts and tool kits such as the SCIPP Family Pak, a set of free security-awareness resources designed to educate home computer users around the world on secure computing practices designed to protect personal information.

SCIPP International is a global nonprofit dedicated to providing world-class security awareness training and certification for end-users.

Topics covered in the resource center include home networking security, identity theft, Internet privacy, disaster recovery, emerging security threats, mobile security, software development and secure Web site design.

Commemorated by Congress and coordinated by the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCSA), the goal of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is to heighten public awareness of the critical role each citizen plays in protecting information assets.

With recent studies attributing as much as 60 percent of all computer security breaches to basic user errors, there is growing emphasis within organizations and communities worldwide on educating end-users about the importance of security best practices.

“With such a high percentage of data breaches stemming from human error, focus on people and their behavior is becoming a key element of any effective security program,” said Ed Zeitler, CISSP, executive director of (ISC)2. “We’re proud to offer a vehicle for our more than 50,000 certified members to share their vast expertise with the public so they can empower and protect themselves. At the same time, we hope the tools in the Cyber Security Awareness Resource Center will help make security education effective and fun.”

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