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<strong>Palm Harbor, Fla. &mdash; Oct. 18</strong><br />(ISC)2, a nonprofit provider of education and cerfication for information security professionals throughout their careers, has reported the early success of the newest benefit it&rsquo;s offering to its certified members: free educational security events.<br /><br />Response from (ISC)2 members to the free live and online events, part of the (ISC)2 Security Leadership Series, has been overwhelmingly positive, with all the fall one-day live events booked to capacity and the initial two online seminars attracting attendees in the thousands.<br /><br />The (ISC)2 Security Leadership Series, which provides information security professionals key knowledge on emerging security issues from leading industry experts and interaction with their peers, is composed of bimonthly, half-day online (ISC)2 e-Symposia, available exclusively to (ISC)2 members, and multiple- and one-day in-person events.  <br /><br />Earlier this summer, (ISC)2 announced that its one-day live and e-Symposia events would be offered at no cost to its 50,000-plus members worldwide. Since making the announcement, the attendance rate for the one-day live events has more than doubled.<br /><br />&ldquo;We believe strongly in offering our members meaningful benefits that help them in their daily jobs and throughout their careers,&rdquo; said Ed Zeitler, CISSP, (ISC)2 executive director. &ldquo;Feedback from our members told us that less expensive, convenient professional educational opportunities were a top priority for them. We&rsquo;re proud to be able provide them access to these seminars while removing the costs to them or their employers.&rdquo;<br /><br />Open to all information security professionals, the Security Leadership Series offers employers a vehicle to ensure that their information security staff is staying abreast of key evolutions in information security best practice.  <br /><br />The series also provides significant opportunities for obtaining continuing professional education (CPEs) to (ISC)2-certified members, who must earn CPE credits to maintain their certifications.<br /><br />Members are finding value in the e-Symposia, a new education forum (ISC)2 launched in June. <br />After attending the identity management eSymposium in August, Adam Borrin, CISSP, of Santa Maria, Calif., said &ldquo;I was impressed at the depth of information presented. I find this an effective way in which to maintain my current knowledge and earn CPEs.&rdquo; <br /><br />(ISC)2 members who miss an e-Symposium seminar can take advantage of the archived event and complete a quiz to earn CPE credits, available 72 hours after it concludes. The archive will remain active as long as the topic is relevant and useful. <br /><br />The 2007 fall series of live events continues through November, with topics ranging from crimeware to wireless security to homeland security to computer forensics to privacy/identity protection.

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