ISACA Certifications – Your Passport to Success

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ISACA Certifications — Your Passport to Success

New IT Governance Certification Offered!

ISACA is now accepting grandfathering applications for a new certification program to recognize professionals for their knowledge and application of IT governance principles and practices. Visit for information.

Put yourself and your organization in the lead with ISACA's Certified Information Systems AuditorTM (CISA®) and Certified Information Security Manager® (CISM®) certifications.

Retaining CISAs Benefits Your Organization

For more than 30 years, organizations have turned to professionals who have earned a CISA designation. CISAs have the proven ability to perform reviews in accordance with globally accepted standards and guidelines to ensure that the organization's information technology and business systems are adequately controlled, monitored and assessed. Please visit for details.

CISM Designation — An Investment in Your Organization's Future

The CISM designation focuses on the management of information security. The CISM certification ensures that information security professionals, and specifically information security managers, have the experience and knowledge necessary to provide effective management and consulting services. CISM defines the core competencies and international performance standards that those who have information security management responsibilities are expected to master. Please visit for details.

CISA and CISM Recognized Under DoD Directive 8570.1

More and more organizations are recognizing the value of certifications like CISA and CISM and recommending or requiring that their employees be certified. In August 2004, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) put into effect Directive 8570.1, which mandates that information security personnel be certified with a commercial accreditation approved by the DoD. CISA and CISM are both identified as approved accreditations, signifying the DoD's confidence in ISACA's credentials. Please visit for details.

CISA and CISM Exams in June and December

The CISA and CISM exams are offered twice every year, in June and December, in more than 70 testing centers in the U.S. and more than 150 sites internationally. To meet the needs of large enterprises, ISACA is also able to establish new exam centers virtually anywhere in the world where there is an interest. Please visit for details.

December 2008 CISA and CISM Exam Dates

13 December – Exam
24 September – Final December Exam Registration Deadline

For More Information

For more information on how the CISA and CISM programs can help your organization, please visit, e-mail the ISACA certification department at or call +1.847.253.1545, extension 474, 403 or 471.

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