ISACA Announces Certification in IT Governance

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ISACA recently announced a new certification in Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) for professionals with significant management experience in IT governance. Highly experienced professionals can fall under a grandfather provision, having shown a lengthy career of impact in the field. IT governance is applying risk management and performance metrics to IT systems. The need for increased IT governance has skyrocketed as companies — small or large — face keeping up with major compliance initiatives.


The certification is intended to define the responsibility and role of a professional engaging in IT governance work. In addition, it lays the groundwork to meet the growing business demands related to the subject and emphasizes the importance of using IT governance best practices.


“We saw a gap in the market that there really wasn’t a defined IT governance profession, and there certainly wasn’t such a thing as an IT governance certification,” said Howard Nicholson, chair of ISACA’s CGEIT certification board. “So, our board of directors really saw this as an opportunity to take the lead in the development and promotion of IT governance.”


A CGEIT exam is currently being produced and will be ready for general IT professionals by December 2008. In the meantime, experienced applicants should apply for the CGEIT grandfather provision. To be eligible for the provision, an applicant must submit evidence of work experience in a management or advisory role for eight years in IT governance and adhere to its continuing education policy.


Both the provision and the soon-to-be-released exam are focused more on real-world application and less on theory, according to Nicholson. He hopes this philosophy eventually will make IT governance as much of a concern to companies as it is to him.


“We believe it’s going to create a general recognition in the business world that IT governance really is a legitimate component in any organization, from small to medium enterprises to the largest multinational global organization.”

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