Is an IT Job Market Turnaround in the Making?

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Recent surveys have shown increasing expenditures on IT software and services, and now a new survey is showing that we are in the beginning stages of a turnaround in the IT job market. The survey, from Dice Inc., an online job board for technology professionals, indicates that technology-oriented companies are hiring significantly more this year, and most are planning to hire even more in the next six months.




According to Scot Melland, president and CEO of Dice Inc., the majority of Dice customers are expecting to recruit more workers in the next six months, and job postings on have increased by more than 40 percent since the beginning of 2004. “While the past two years have been very difficult for technology workers, the survey results point toward a turnaround in the new year,” said Melland.




The survey of around 300 corporations, recruiters and staffing firms revealed that 72 percent are planning to increase hiring efforts in the next six months. Only 5 percent of respondents said they are not hiring at all, compared to 11 percent of respondents last year, while 49 percent said they are hiring more than they were last year. Eighty-eight percent of respondents are looking for experienced IT professionals to do the hands-on work, and 14 percent need to fill executive management slots.




The survey also showed that the Northeast region is still hot for technology professionals—34 percent of survey respondents are seeking IT pros in that area. And the Northwest has seen the biggest increase in IT job openings—21 percent of respondents are now looking for IT pros in that area, compared to only 10 percent last year.




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