Intuition Winning Respect as Smart Business Skill

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<strong>Mississauga, Ontario &mdash; Oct. 1</strong><br />Arupa Tesolin thinks using intuition more in business can generate a lot of value with surprising little effort. <br /><br />”Intuition is easy,” she said. “It&#39;s just our thinking that gets in the way. People today stand to learn more from what they don&rsquo;t know than from what they already know.” <br /><br />A high knowledge level can actually impede creative breakthroughs, many of which show up first in the form of intuition.<br /><br />Tesolin is the author of “ting ! A Surprising Way to Listen to Intuition & Do Business Better.” ting! is her word for the sound of intuition striking a receptive mind. <br /><br />It represents an intuitive response, a sudden realization or a quiet sensation that suggests there&#39;s more to know.  “ting!” recently received a four-star Rating (the highest) from U.S. based Training Magazine.<br /><br />The business appeal of this book is that it shows how to connect the invisible dots between someone who experiences an intuitive insight and creates tangible business result. <br /><br />”ting !” is a conversation starter about intuition in the workplace. It represents a business case that your colleagues or manager can relate to that legitimizes intuition and its bottom-line significance. <br /><br />The book goes on to list staster Steps that companies can take to develop intuition skills at work that have a positive impact on performance, productivity diversity and innovation.<br /><br />Tesolin conducts training programs in intuition and innovation skills and shows people how they can unleash their intuition “ting !” power. SHe also shows them:<br /><br /><ul><li>How to assess their intuition response</li><li>How to develop and use their intuition smarts at work</li><li>Quick intuition tools to get instant insight</li><li>How men and women differ in using intuition in the workplace</li><li>Why intuition is a powerful ice-breaker for team empowerment and diversity</li><li>Three great ways to link intuition to your Innovation Strategy</li></ul><br />Tesolin is a Speaker and innovation consultant who owns Intuita, a company that provides learning that inspires people to create. <br /><br />She provides classroom-based innovation training and e-learning-based management/employee development programs.

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