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With the information storage and management market growing at a rapid pace, organizations are looking for skilled IT professionals, certified in storage technologies, to help manage and maintain their systems. By earning storage certifications from industry leaders like EMC, IT professionals can ensure career security and earn top salaries. In fact, in Certification Magazine’s 2004 Salary Survey, EMC Proven Professionals earned one of the highest salaries, averaging $93,470.

In a recent study, “The Value of Quality Training in Sophisticated IT Environments,” IDC estimated that effective training can reduce unscheduled downtime by more than 40 percent and the duration of all outages by more than 50 percent. The study also concluded that trained staff are “more likely to build solutions correctly, identify problem areas promptly, and resolve service interruptions more quickly than untrained staff.”

Retooled and reintroduced in April 2004, EMC’s Proven Professional certification program provides this level of effective training to its customers, authorized partners and employees. The program focuses on six distinct job roles, with certification for implementation engineers, technology architects, storage administrators and customer engineers, and accreditations for sales professionals and systems engineers.

Within each certification track, there are three levels and up to five areas of specialization. By progressing through the levels, candidates move from learning product knowledge at the Associate level to solution knowledge at the Specialist level, and finally progress to the Expert level by gaining knowledge and skills around integrating EMC products with third-party solutions like Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and SAP, to name a few.

EMC provides a blended training model that’s weighted toward self-study at the entry-level and increasingly toward lab time and instructor training at the advanced levels of the program. At each step, certification candidates will enjoy outstanding technical training and exam preparation materials.

The EMC Powerlink site includes helpful resources:



  • The home page for the EMC Proven Professional Certification Program.
  • The Proven Professional Overview document.
  • The Partner Program Guide, which includes considerable detail about specialties, credentials and accreditations with pointers to exam and course descriptions.
  • A Participant’s Guide, which provides an interactive learning path detailing exam specifications, links to practice exams and supporting courseware links.
  • Links to free practice tests for all EMC Proven Professional exams.


All in all, EMC Global Education’s learner-centric model provides a collection of self-study and classroom training offerings, simulators, labs and practice exams to help its certification candidates ready themselves for their exams. Additionally, there are some great tools and resources on EMC’s Powerlink site to help students understand the structure and requirements of the program, and how to get started. If they’re willing to spend the time, they can earn those industry-leading EMC Proven Professional Certifications.

Emily Hollis is managing editor for Certification Magazine. She can be reached at


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