InterviewUp Launches Web Resource for Job Q&A

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San Francisco — Oct. 29
You’ve landed an interview for your dream job. Now comes the tough part — the actual interview itself. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could know what questions were going to be asked? Even better, wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly how to answer them?

Thanks to InterviewUp (, a new online community dedicated to helping you prepare for that crucial interview, it’s now possible to search, find, share, ask and read interview questions and answers. Launched this month, InterviewUp is an online community that strives to eliminate the anxiety and stress associated with job interviews by providing reliable, solid answers to the most likely questions. In doing so, InterviewUp empowers job seekers with knowledge, enabling them to relax and focus when that important day comes.

“Our new Web site is 100 percent dedicated to helping you ace that big interview,” says Jake Lackey, founder of InterviewUp. The Web site was in private beta for over a month. “Already, we’re seeing excellent results as people are sharing their wealth of interview expertise, and giving the site’s users both the information and the confidence they need to succeed. We’ve received rave reviews about how we’re meeting a real need. People say they only wish InterviewUp had been launched sooner.”

A Web 2.0 site, InterviewUp is easy to navigate and use. With the following main features, you can:

— Search and find interview questions and answers;
— Post interview questions and receive answers;
— Print out interview questions for the purpose of practicing;
— Rate the popularity of questions and answers;
— Track interview questions and be notified when they’re answered; and
— Improve existing interview questions and answers through the site’s wiki, a medium that allows users to add/edit content collectively.

“We’ve worked hard to ensure this site reflects its clear, specific goal,” Lackey says. “It’s very user friendly and has the ability to notify you immediately when your questions have been answered. This level of efficiency and functionality is something our users genuinely appreciate and value — a big reason why this site is so successful.”

Of note, anyone can download the InterviewUp widget ( to a personal MySpace page or a blog. In addition, InterviewUp has its own site blog: — yet another example of how InterviewUp fosters an open environment and makes its online community truly accessible.

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