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Fort Myers, Fla. — April 1
Interop Technologies, a provider of core wireless solutions for messaging, device management and gateway connectivity, announced that it has achieved 53,000 message delivery attempts (MDAs) per second on its SMSC 4 Series solution — a new global speed record for SMS Centers (SMSCs).

SMS traffic levels are soaring, and demand surges even more around holidays and promotions. According to Informa Telecoms & Media, almost 279 billion text messages were sent in quarter 3, 2008 in the United States and Canada, an average of more than 3 billion per day for the 90-day period. Based on straight-line processing, a single Interop SMSC 4 Series solution can handle more than 4.5 billion messages per day — in excess of the total daily North American SMS traffic — in a very small amount of rack space, the company says.

The accomplishment shatters Interop’s previous throughput record of 36,000 MDAs per second, set last September. That figure doubled the highest known SMSC throughput figure at the time.

Built with modular, distributed architecture, the Interop SMSC 4 Series aims to deliver unlimited scalability for today’s high volume and availability requirements, yet fits within a very small, energy-efficient footprint, the company says.

Interop says the SMSC 4 Series solution leverages the latest techniques in scalable technology architecture from leading companies in the Internet world, an environment in which massive throughput and absolute availability are requirements, and applies them to the messaging environment. The company also says the solution is future-proof: As operators make changes to network technologies, Interop accommodates them with state-of-the-art protocol gateways.

Interop Technologies has commercially deployed the SMSC 4 Series for dozens of wireless companies. The complete SMSC 4 Series technology includes hardware, software and support services. Interop offers SMSC technology in three deployments:

  • Hosted: Shared technology in a highly cost-effective, service bureau environment.
  • Modified hosted: Deployed with no capital expense at the network site and managed by Interop.
  • Turnkey: Purchased outright for on-site deployment.

Unlike other hosting companies, which can only provide long-term hosted solutions, Interop helps operators adjust quickly to changing business needs and SMS loads. Interop can migrate text messaging services from its hosted solution to its turnkey solution, with no change in technologies or tools. This capability greatly reduces technology and financial risk, especially as load is peaking.

“We keep improving our SMSC 4 Series technology, and it just keeps getting faster and faster,” said Damian Sazama, vice president of marketing and product development for Interop Technologies. “Last year we said our SMSC would scale dramatically, and this year we have proven it.”

The complete line of Interop Technologies solutions for messaging, device management, and gateway connectivity solutions will be displayed April 1 to 3 in booth No. 5636 at the CTIA Wireless 2009 trade show in Las Vegas.

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