Internships and Entry-Level Jobs Increase in April

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<p><strong>Minneapolis &mdash; April 8</strong><br />In response to recent reports that job seekers are struggling to find jobs, <a href="" target="_blank"></a> compiled lists of the five best and worst states for finding internships and entry-level jobs. The data was gathered through a state-by-state search on the site, and the lists will be updated every month to help students and entry-level job candidates know how many opportunities are available to them and in which states. The results? Very encouraging.<br /><br />"We were very pleased to see that almost every state, large and small, recorded significant increases in the number of internships and entry-level job openings," said Steven Rothberg, founder of the job board. </p><p>"There has certainly been a lot of doom and gloom related to the economy over the past year, but an increase in the number of advertised job openings means that more employers are finding it difficult to attract the talent they need to fill the openings they have. Historically, increased entry-level hiring is one of the earliest signs that an economy in recession is recovering."<br /><br />The states with the largest number of internship and entry-level job listings on in April are:<br /><br /><strong>Internships</strong><br />California<br />New York<br />Texas<br />D.C.<br />Florida<br /><br /><strong>Entry-Level Jobs</strong><br />California<br />Texas<br />New York<br />Florida<br />Pennsylvania<br /><br />Sparsely populated states have the smallest number of internship and entry-level job listings on the site. They rank for April as follows:<br /><br /><strong>Internships</strong><br />Wyoming<br />Montana<br />North Dakota<br />South Dakota<br />Alaska<br /><br /><strong>Entry-Level Jobs</strong><br />North Dakota<br />South Dakota<br />Wyoming<br />Vermont<br />Montana<br /><br />Other states with a lot of internships and entry-level jobs are:<br /></p><ul><li><strong>Illinois:</strong> 764 internships (up 9 percent from 700 in March) and 3,895 entry-level jobs (virtually unchanged from 3,907 in March).</li><li><strong>Massachusetts: </strong>757 internships (up 13 percent from 671 in March) and 3,247 entry-level jobs (up seven percent from 3,046 in March).</li><li><strong>Virginia:</strong> 714 internships (up 35 percent from 530 in March) and 3,552 entry-level jobs (up three percent from 3454 in March).</li><li><strong>Ohio:</strong> 634 internships (up 31 percent from 483 in March) and 4,160 entry-level jobs (up 15 percent from 3,602 in March).</li></ul><p><br />The metro area with the largest number of postings again was the Washington, D.C., area, including Maryland and Virginia, with 10,421 combined listings. That&#39;s virtually unchanged from the 10,406 combined listings in March. <br /><br />In addition to job and internship postings, also has numerous blogs where job seekers and students can find useful hints and tips for how to manage their careers or job searches, how to write winning resumes and cover letters or how to prepare and pay for college.<br /></p>

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