Intense School Adds Online Boot-Camp Option

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Do you want to attend boot camp, but can’t find a two-week window to take off and immerse yourself in technology training? Intense School, which provides boot camps for IT certification training on Microsoft, Cisco and security topics, is now bringing its camps online. The Live Online boot camp from Intense School combines the boot-camp curriculum with hands-on labs and mentoring support to bring you a comprehensive course to help you earn your certification.




In a traditional boot camp, certification candidates are shipped to remote locations for one or two weeks, where they are put through a rigorous training process including instructor-led learning and hands-on lab access.




“Our Live Online offering is really just an extension of all of our other offerings,” said Barry Kaufman, CTO for Intense School. “What’s unique about it is we’re actually achieving the same type of experience with classes online. Whatever we put into the hands-on classes in the boot camp is also available through the Internet.”




Kaufman said this includes access to an instructor with full communications, using voice over IP. In fact, he said there is more communication in a sense, because there is an ongoing record of chats. “But also, we leverage the technology so everybody has access to live, up-and-running systems,” he explained. “So they’re going in and they have administrative rights to a whole network of systems. The end result is the student doesn’t have to travel anywhere. The student has access to a reliable, tolerant set of systems, so they don’t even have to create their own home lab.”




Kaufman said the online offering is all about flexibility. “There are a lot of folks who can’t get away from the office that need the skill sets and could probably benefit from the certification,” he said. “Self-study is not for everyone—some people need the discipline that an instructor-led offering can bring.”




He added, “It’s also for a wider range of people. We do our best to provide a mentoring service ahead of time, and we suggest people get assessed before coming to our programs. Some people already have gotten someplace in their career—they’re coming to finish things off, to round out their knowledge. Some people are less able to go into a five- to 14-day program and hack it. So the other advantage to the Live Online is it can be done at a slower pace—on the individual’s own pace—without any kind of hiccup in their schedule.”




The new course can save certification candidates the time, money and travel required for a traditional boot-camp offering. “In a sense, you’re getting more for your money because you’re getting extensive labs and access to those systems outside of class, and those labs are supported by the mentor team,” Kaufman said. “It’s really a more feature-rich offering.”




For example, Kaufman said there is a Live Online program to prepare for the Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). This program is available through evening, weekend and daytime scheduling. What’s more, the sessions are “modularized” so if a candidate misses a section, they can contact their mentor and get access to that section of the course.




A Live Online demonstration is available. For more information, visit

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