Intel, Giunti Labs to Co-Chair, Lead Renewed

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<p><strong>Milton Keynes, England &mdash; May 14</strong><br />The European learning industry is repositioning itself. </p><p>The former E-Learning Industry Group (eLIG) has become the European Learning Industry Group (ELIG). </p><p>This is more than a cosmetic change &mdash; it reflects a major shift in the marketplace.<br /><br />Along with a new name and a new logo, a new leadership team has been established. Joe Hegarty, director of business operations at Intel Innovation Centres, and Fabrizio Cardinali, CEO of Giunti Labs, have been elected co-chairs.<br /><br />The executive committee now comprises five members. In addition to the chairs, these are Todd Korth, regional director of Europe, Middle East, Africa and education and research at Sun Microsystems; Elaine Stephen, director of Dublin SW Lab at IBM Ireland; and Sabine Schumann from PAU Education. </p><p>Richard Straub has been appointed ELIG&#39;s secretary general.<br /><br />&quot;The term e-learning has been overused,&quot; Hegarty said. &quot;Technology is now clearly embedded in all modern learning solutions. The challenge today is innovation in learning by leveraging capabilities provided by technology.&quot;<br /><br />Cardinali agrees.</p><p>&quot;We need to reshape European learning content production and help the publishing industry to achieve content personalization to best support the dynamic and changing skills requirements for Europe&#39;s workforce in a lifelong learning process,&quot; he said.<br /><br />ELIG will provide industry thought leadership and policy input to the European Commission and national governments and, at the same time, function as a networking and partnering platform for its members. </p><p>To fulfil its broader mission, ELIG plans to double its membership base from the current level of 36 members within the next 18 months.<br /><br />&quot;ELIG is a unique network, with key industry players at its core and other stakeholders from the public and private sector in its broader membership, thus bringing together thought leadership, pragmatism and action orientation,&quot; Straub said.</p><p>ELIG has engaged in important new partnerships with the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) and the MENON Research and Education Network. </p><p>These organizations will complement ELIG&#39;s capabilities by providing event support and management (EFMD), as well as network support and facilitation (MENON), along with linkages to their member networks.<br /><br />In addition, joint initiatives are being envisaged. ELIG is also engaging with the European Training Foundation (ETF) in a research project about public-private sector cooperation in transforming education in the MEDA region.<br /><br /> To cope with the new challenges, education and learning themselves must be subject to fundamental innovation &mdash; be it in schools, universities, professional training and lifelong learning at large. </p><p>ELIG will make a major contribution to shaping a learning society in Europe.</p>

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