Instructors Needed To Fulfill IT Job Market Demands

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During a recent interview with Devry University Dean of Curriculum David Overbye, he explained that Devry is currently avidly searching for instructors to teach computer security and forensics courses because the demands for such courses outweigh their current instructor manpower. There is no doubt that Devry is not the only school trying to add high-quality, experienced instructors for these booming IT job fields. In fact, a search on yesterday revealed that Devry had approximately 45 job opportunities for full-time to part-time instructors across the United States. And a job search for IT instructors found more than 100 opportunities.


Although it takes a special type of person to teach—meaning you have to be outgoing, comfortable speaking in front of an audience, organized, extremely knowledgeable about what you are teaching and the current marketplace, etc.—such schools like Devry need instructors to fulfill the current demand for security and forensic courses because a labor shortage may ensue.


The situation in these fields is actually quite similar to the health care industry and its shortage of nurses. Many health care organizations suggest that the nurse shortage is caused by the fact that many universities do not have enough faculty members to satisfy the student demand for nursing courses and therefore, the supply of potential candidates for hospitals, doctors’ offices, etc. is dwindling. In addition, because many health care organizations are already strapped when it comes to their nurse headcounts, many of these nurses can’t volunteer to teach because they simply don’t have any time to give to universities.


If you are an experienced security or forensics professional and teaching is something that you have thought about doing, now may be the best time to explore this opportunity and start sharing your knowledge with the next generation of IT professionals. To learn more about what it takes to be an instructor at Devry or to be a trainer, stay tuned for the April Trainers Community article, titled “Becoming a Trainer: Do You Have What It Takes?”

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