Installing Norton 360

I was recently occasioned to install Norton 360 on a Dell Dimension 2400 purchased five years ago. What follows is a play-by-play of that process, written as the installation occurred:

I go to install the Norton 360 disc, and it tells me because I have Norton Professional 2003 installed on the computer, this has to go first. I go to the Control Panel in Windows and manually uninstall it. This takes five or 10 minutes and involves restarting the computer afterward.

I put the disc in and start again, and it wants to first “check for updates.” To do this, it obviously needs an Internet connection, and I don’t have my Internet connection turned on, since, as I’d just been ordered to uninstall my virus protection, this seemed like a bad idea. Meanwhile, the “check for updates” window just ineffectually scrolls and scrolls away with no real way to check for these updates. Finally, I have to tell it stop. It asks if I am sure I want it to stop. I am.

Norton 360 then wants to verify the “Product Key.” Fair enough. I find this and enter it – it’s accepted. I verify “program files” as a file destination for the software and figure we’re getting started.

Nope. I’m told I have Windows Defender installed on my computer, and this has to go too. Windows Defender was peacefully coexisting with Norton Professional 2003, but this town isn’t big enough for Norton 360 and Windows…

Daniel Margolis


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