Insala Works to Shape HR Agenda for Responsibility

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<p><strong>Dallas &mdash; Jan. 9</strong><br />Insala, a global provider of talent management solutions, announces that President and CEO Phillip Roark will present strategies for developing HR agendas around corporate social responsibility (CSR) at the Cicero Forum Conference on Jan. 17. The conference will be held at the Cavendish Conference Centre in Central London.<br /><br />The conference, titled Designing your Corporate Responsibility Strategy for the New Companies Act, will explore how this act can help companies gain a competitive edge and increase performance. Roark will share why companies need to move forward on CSR initiatives, how best practices for CSR can be defined and how key performance indicators can be applied from a human resource perspective. Roark also will detail examples of working CSR initiatives championed by leaders, which engage the workforce, offering meaningful societal impact while strengthening corporate reputation.<br /><br />Effective October 2007, the U.K. 2006 Companies Act requires that all companies consider not only the interests of their staff, their suppliers and customers, but the community and the environment as well. For some companies, a business review must be produced dictating the company&rsquo;s policies relating to these interests, as well as the effectiveness of the policies. Larger companies will be required to use key performance indicators to help analyze nonfinancial information.<br /><br />&ldquo;Performance is now measured and dependent on more factors than a balance sheet,&rdquo; said Phillip Roark. &ldquo;Top candidates consider a company&rsquo;s reputation in community involvement, environment-friendly business practices, fair labor and free trade sourcing when choosing which organization they want to work for. And the environment must be sustained to reap and enjoy the rewards that profitable organizations and their shareholders realize. With this new act, companies must get in the game to comply and stay competitive. I look forward to sharing and learning from attendees at January&rsquo;s Cicero Forum conference.&rdquo; </p>

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