Inquisite Launches Human Insight Management

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<p><strong>Austin, Texas &mdash; April 24</strong><br />Inquisite, a human insight software company, has announced the general availability of its Human Insight Management (HIM) solution. </p><p>The new HIM comprises the integration of two Inquisite products &mdash; Survey System 8.0 and Employee Appraisal Management &mdash; and links customer or employee survey results to performance appraisals and other management systems.<br /><br />&ldquo;Our customers have told us that being able to bridge customer and employee opinions with employee performance and other transactional systems would give them a more complete understanding of their business,&rdquo; Arturo Coto, Inquisite CEO, said. &ldquo;We created HIM with direct input from them to enable organizations to build human insight &mdash; from customers, employees or business partners &mdash; into business processes and drive organizational change.&rdquo;<br /><br />HIM integrates customer survey results with the performance appraisal of the employee providing that experience. </p><p>People managers will know exactly what actions are required to create a great place to work, and customer-facing employees will know exactly what actions are required for better customer service.&nbsp; </p><p>More importantly, employees and managers will be able to check in at any time and see exactly how they are performing against objective criteria.&nbsp; </p><p>Ultimately, the organization as a whole can be more accountable for its level of success. </p><p>For the first time, companies can measure organizational performance based on the satisfaction of customers, as well as merge transactional data from CRM, BI and HRMS systems with qualitative data from critical business audiences.<br /><br />&ldquo;Employee performance management by itself is not a driver for business &mdash; it must be integrated into other applications to demonstrate real ROI,&quot; said James Holincheck, Gartner research vice president of enterprise research planning and supply chain management.&nbsp; &quot;Companies moving in this direction will find themselves ahead of the growth curve.&quot; </p>

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