Inquisite Adds Conditional Alerts to Enterprise Feedback Survey Offering

<p><strong>Austin, Texas &mdash; Jan. 14</strong><br />Inquisite, the human insight software company, announced it has released the latest version of its flagship Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) survey software. The new version, Inquisite Survey System 8.5, is focused on giving organizations real-time visibility into survey results, enabling immediate response and action as well as enhancements that improve the survey user experience. Key features include real-time e-mail alerts, branded exit pages, dynamic sampling and fatigue management, among many others.<br /><br />"With the release of Inquisite 8.5, we continue to focus on the growing enterprise needs of our customers," said Arturo Coto, CEO of Inquisite. "Our customers are now moving beyond stand-alone, ad-hoc surveys and are looking for ways to integrate customer and feedback directly into their existing business processes. These new features, such as real-time survey alerts, are critical components for our customers to quickly develop and deploy feedback solutions that focus not only on collecting data, but also on allowing the business to trigger an immediate action based on actual survey results and business rules and conditions." <br /><br />New Inquisite 8.5 software features include: </p><ul><li><strong>Real-time email alerts: </strong>Alerts immediately trigger based on survey events or results, giving organizations the ability to respond quickly to business needs.  For example, a customer service representative can be immediately notified to take action if a negative customer service experience is reported on a survey.</li></ul><ul><li><strong>Survey reopen: </strong>Respondents may update their existing data instead of starting with a new blank survey, saving time and increasing their willingness…



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