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<p><strong>Mountain View, Calif. &mdash; Aug. 6</strong><br />SumTotal Systems Inc., a global provider of talent and learning management solutions, has announced that InPhonic, an online seller of wireless services and products, launched ResultsOnDemand to deliver training management tools for its call center agents, as well as track and manage their performance. </p><p>ResultsOnDemand is SumTotal&#39;s subscription model for analyzing employee performance and delivering learning over the Internet.<br /><br />&quot;We saw SumTotal&#39;s platform as an excellent addition to our customer experience initiatives and also a great employee training product that could grow with our needs,&quot; said InPhonic COO Brian Curran. &quot;We believe having better-trained and better-educated call center agents will improve our overall customer satisfaction. By tapping the SumTotal platform, InPhonic aims to ensure that the content and quality of its ongoing training and coaching programs are consistent across all teams within the organization.&quot;</p><p>Dave Crussell, SumTotal COO, agrees.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;We believe employers like InPhonic often choose our system because we can quickly deliver the education workers need to solve problems and delight customers,&quot; Crussell said. &quot;We feel our software strategically steers employees to what they need to learn about their employer&#39;s products and services in order to deliver superior customer service.&quot;<br /><br />As part of the ResultsOnDemand package &mdash; and to provide an enterprisewide learning platform for its call center employees &mdash; InPhonic engaged TotalLMS, SumTotal&#39;s learning management system; TotalLCMS, the software maker&#39;s learning content management system; and Skills and Competencies.<br /><br />In implementing SumTotal&#39;s system, InPhonic hopes to enhance the effectiveness of its call center operations, as well as improve efficiencies between the sales and customer service call center teams.</p><p>TotalLMS can provide InPhonic a way to deliver structured and consistent content during new-hire training and quickl&nbsp; disseminate information during product launches.<br /><br />&quot;With SumTotal&#39;s platform, we believe we can fill a growing desire and need to track a call center agent&#39;s training and performance from the time they are hired through their entire employment,&quot; said Megan Nehr, InPhonic training and communications. &quot;We feel the SumTotal service will give us a better way to manage training content and communications that we send to our employees.&quot;</p>

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