Infrastructure Virtualization to become Dominant

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<p><strong>London &mdash; Sept. 25</strong><br />A report just published by Butler Group, a European IT research and advisory organization, expects infrastructure virtualization technology to become the dominant technology in data centers within the next two to three years. </p><p>The report, &ldquo;Infrastructure Virtualisation,&rdquo; puts this down to the convergence of three significant factors in the global economy: the need for organizations to reduce energy consumption, which enables them to also reduce their carbon footprint; the importance of the ability to respond to market opportunities faster and the increased shift toward automation as a means of reducing operational costs. </p><p>Butler Group, however, says that infrastructure virtualization requires a significant change in an organisation&rsquo;s culture from both an IT and business perspective &mdash; moving away from the siloed business unit autonomy position toward a corporate pooled resource perspective, which has the potential to deliver even more significant savings and increased systems agility than those quantified above.</p><p>&ldquo;Above all else, IT infrastructure virtualization must be recognized as a technology that has evolved at the right moment in time due to the convergence of a number of influencing factors,&rdquo; said Roy Illsley, senior research analyst and author of the report. &ldquo;As such, it will help organizations address the challenges faced in competing in today&rsquo;s global economy. Understanding what infrastructure virtualization can deliver, and how it is delivered, is the key to IT departments&rsquo; successful evolution toward a more efficient model for deploying and consuming IT resources.&rdquo;</p>

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