Inforonics: Spotlight on Employee Career Development

In the wake of the recent global economic meltdown, organizations of all types are outsourcing their IT needs, realizing that such technical processes are not in line with their core competencies and represent a good place to reduce costs. As such, outsourcing was expected to grow in usage in 2009, according to research by Gartner.

Littleton, Mass.-based Inforonics is one firm poised to capitalize on this growth area with the help of a select group of IT professionals. Ninety percent of the company’s staff is dedicated to IT work as it relates to its outsourced managed IT services and technical support. These services include business service modeling, applications performance management and infrastructure management, and they are provided to large companies throughout the U.S. The company also has international ties via service calls from its clients’ clients.

Matthew Hooper, vice president of professional services for Inforonics, stressed that the company is a boutique firm. “We’re not just doing [quick] fix PC things for lawyers and doctors. Our clients are usually software manufacturers or larger enterprises” with larger, business-related IT issues.

Hooper said his firm has a record of long-term employees and has a reputation as a great company to work for. One reason for this reputation is the effort Inforonics makes to ensure upward mobility in the company through a tiered workforce and a focus on training across the career.

“For retention purposes, we’re always providing good opportunities to move up internally,” said Hooper. “The typical career path…

Meagan Polakowski


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