Infohrm Announces Industry Consortiums for Human Capital Measurement

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<strong>Washington &mdash; Feb. 20</strong><br />Infohrm, a provider of full-service workforce planning, reporting and analysis solutions, announced that the second annual Infohrm Workforce Planning Summit will feature Infohrm Industry Consortiums focusing on critical human capital issues affecting specific North American sectors.<br /><br />Intended to be an ongoing partnership between Infohrm and participating organizations, the consortiums will offer quarterly meetings, industry analytics, networking, best-practice roundtables and industry-specific benchmarking data. Facilitated by Infohrm&#39;s measurement experts, the consortiums address such current human capital measurement topics as:<br /><br /><ul><li>Quantifying the value add of workforce planning and analytics.</li><li>Linking workforce planning and analytics to strategic and financial planning processes.</li><li>Instituting workforce planning as a competitive advantage.</li><li>Building a suite of industry-specific analytical models.</li><li>Benchmarking best practices in each industry group.</li><li>Defining industry measurement norms and differentiators.</li></ul><br />Each consortium will feature a rolling agenda to be determined via Infohrm research, participant quick polls, action steps from previous consortium events and "hot-topics" in the business press. Infohrm will facilitate the groups, offering industry measurement expertise and benchmark data analysis, with members able to request and participate in deep dive reports, white papers and custom surveys.<br /><br />The pilot group of Infohrm Industry Consortiums will offer immediate support to HR practitioners in three industries: financial services, health care and retail.<br /><br />"Driving business performance through workforce planning, reporting and analytics is critical to all organizations; however, our experience in working with hundreds of members has shown that unique measurement issues apply within industry groups," said Jeff Higgins, executive vice president of client services for Infohrm North America. "We are thrilled to be able to bring together industry peers, build sector-specific workforce plans and analytics and share best-practice success stories."<br /><br />The summit will be held at the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa on May 19-20, with optional two-day workshops following on May 21-22.<br />

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