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Philadelphia — Feb. 5
New research conducted by Right Management clearly demonstrates that for those individuals who choose to receive corporately sponsored outplacement services remotely in their homes, rather than traveling to a Right Management office, these services must be “high touch” and “personalized.” Right Management is the world’s leading provider of integrated consulting services and solutions across the employment lifecycle.

While Right Management offers home-based candidates a full array of job-search related technology tools and leading-edge resources, these participants choose live contact with a Right Management career management consultant as the most frequently used service. Sixty-nine percent of the career transition services that home-based candidates in Right Management’s RightChoice outplacement service utilize are dedicated to personal, individualized coaching, according to the survey.

“The research shows that candidates who choose to access their outplacement programs from their homes select a much higher percentage of individualized coaching-related services, demonstrating that home-based outplacement service needs to be high touch,” said Douglas J. Matthews, president and chief operating officer of Right Management.

Right Management surveyed 22,350 people in career transition between the launch of its RightChoice outplacement service in April and the period ending Nov. 30.

RightChoice is an innovative, global outplacement service that supports individuals all the way through to successful outcomes which they define — whether securing a new job, starting a business or exploring work-life options.

According to Right Management’s research, home-based outplacement services:

  • Must be highly individualized. Home-based outplacement candidates select a higher percentage of services that require one-on-one coaching. “This high-touch nature demands that career coaches have a different, more intense set of skills due to these virtual working relationships, and the greater utilization of coaching-related services,” Matthews said.
  • Must provide intense value. “Regardless of whether outplacement candidates access their services at home or in an office, the quality must be the same,” Matthews said. “RightChoice is achieving equal success in all delivery modes. Ninety-four percent of candidates say RightChoice has exceeded or met their expectations whether services are delivered at home or in an office setting,” said Matthews.
  • Must deliver results. “There is no difference in the length of time it is taking for outplacement candidates to successfully land new opportunities between home-based and office-based services, according to Right Management’s research,” Matthews said.
  • Must have personalized access. “Home-based candidates want more choices about how their services are accessed and delivered, based on their preferences of what types of services they select,” Matthews said. “These services include support from career and job-resource consultants whose expert guidance ensures they identify the best possible career paths, access to critical skills and content specialized to their career situations and objectives.”

“The goals of home-based and office-based RightChoice services are the same — to provide services that stay connected with candidates until they are able to secure a new opportunity and provide them with the coaching, enabling resources and tools they need to gain a competitive edge in a challenging employment market,” said Matthews.

For a copy of Right Management’s research on outplacement, “The Next Evolution of Outplacement: Setting a New Industry Standard,” send an e-mail to

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