Center for Applied Identity Management Research

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<strong>Bloomington, Ind. &mdash; Oct. 7</strong><br />Indiana University announced the creation of the Center for Applied Identity Management Research (CAIMR), a collaboration among industry, government agencies and academic institutions to target research to pressing identity management challenges. <br /><br />Those challenges include identity theft, financial fraud, computer crime, information security, travel and immigration document fraud and data breaches. They increasingly affect every aspect of society including commerce, government entitlement programs, public safety and national security. <br /><br />Indiana University will serve as the academic host of CAIMR. Other partners include: Cogent Systems, the Consumer Data Industry Association, Dragnet Solutions IBM, ID Experts, the Identity Theft Assistance Corp., Intersections Inc., LexisNexis, Lockheed Martin, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Visa, Wells Fargo, the University of Texas, the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Marshal Service and the U.S. Secret Service. <br /><br />Speaking at the National Press Club announcement of the new center, Fred H. Cate, distinguished professor at the Indiana University School of Law -Bloomington, stressed that “how you determine quickly, reliably and affordably that a person is who he claims to be and that he is entitled to the access &mdash; whether to a Web site, a network or a government facility &mdash; he seeks is an enormous challenge that has long plagued industry and government. <br /><br />”That challenge will only be solved through close cooperation among industry, government and academia so that we can combine our knowledge, experience, data and money to build effective, reliable tools,” Cate continued. “The creation of CAIMR marks the beginning of a new era of collaborative, multidisciplinary research necessary to solve identity management challenges.” <br /><br />CAIMR will be led by executive director Gary Gordon, who also will serve as a senior scholar at Indiana University. The nonprofit center will be overseen by an eight-member board of directors that includes Cate. <br /><br />”Indiana University is delighted to not only be a part of CAIMR, but to serve as its academic home as well,” said IU President Michael A. McRobbie. “As a National Center of Academic Excellence in both information assurance education and information assurance research, IU is committed to enhancing the science and the practice of identity management. <br /><br />&ldquo;CAIMR&#39;s collaborative approach to these issues, and the partnership it reflects among key stakeholders in government, industry and academia, will be invaluable to achieving that vital goal.”<br />

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