Companies Work Together to Boost Retail Training

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London — Dec. 11
Training in the booming Indian retail sector was given a boost this week as Tata Interactive Systems (TIS) signed an agreement with British organization Skillsmart Retail to offer a retail training scheme.

The three-year collaboration will see the creation of an India-based Retail Academy run by Tata Interactive Systems, part of the $45 billion Tata Group, using content approved by Skillsmart Retail, the U.K. Sector Skills Council for Retail.

The scheme, which will be available both online and face to face, will give learners a clear understanding of all aspects of retail, as well as the opportunity to develop skills in the sector.

TIS provides e-learning to encourage training, development and improvements in performance for organizations and businesses in a range of sectors and has its global headquarters based in Mumbai, India.

J.C. Mistry, head of retail training at TIS, said, “TIS’s Retail Academy in India provides an opportunity to those who work, or want to work, in the retail industry in India to harness and develop their potential. Through the academy, we help such individuals to explore and hone their skills to ensure that they deliver their best for their employers and customers.”

Courses will be offered in different formats, such as e-learning programs and instructor-led courses with the inclusion of assignments and assessments.

Modules will include an Introduction to the Retail Sector, Health and Safety, Workplace Security, Working Effectively, Customer Service, Team Leading, Merchandising and Selling.

Anne Seaman, chief operating officer of Skillsmart Retail, said, “We are honored to be associated with a subsidiary of the Tata Group and we are delighted to be working with TIS and sharing our expertise to develop fit-for-purpose retail training in India.”

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