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<p><strong>Las Vegas &mdash; Aug. 23</strong><br />TalentHook, a resume spidering technology solution, has partnered with IRN, an Independent Recruiters Network and Human Capital Services organization that offers a broad range of recruitment services, from job posting and resume management to management consulting.<br /><br />Independent recruiters often are faced with the overwhelming tasks of growing their businesses while recruiting top talent, researching new tools and identifying ways to increase their productivity for quick results. </p><p>The rewards are numerous, but so are the challenges when faced with growing that business without the proper support. </p><p>The Independent Recruiters Network (IRN) was designed with the startup independent recruiter in mind, offering a full suite of supporting services that range from front-office solutions to recruitment tools and marketing support. <br /><br />As trends continue to demonstrate a rise in human resource and recruitment process outsourcing among medium to large North American corporations, independent recruiters in particular have a unique opportunity to thrive with the proper planning, strong leads and best-in-class solutions designed to optimize their productivity. </p><p>IRN members have access to top-shelf solutions such as TalentHook when they join the network as a quick and easy solution to the time-consuming task of resume search across the Internet.<br /><br />&ldquo;Our clients have the same focus, so the value proposition is the same, and recruiters need tools to leverage technology to the betterment of their customers by increasing productivity and delivering results faster,” IRN President Norm Gold said. “By including TalentHook in my offering, I am adding value to the solutions TNG Global offers. </p><p>&ldquo;We understand the symbiotic relationship among people, companies and the recruiters that represent them. That&#39;s why we created the Independent Recruiters Network, a truly common operating platform shared by people, companies and recruiters. It is a pleasure to partner with companies that are focused to the same goal.&rdquo;<br /><br />On the client side, the advantage of one-stop shopping provides the opportunity to bundle products and services based on the size and need of the independent recruiter&rsquo;s business.  </p><p>From Web services to leads generation, IRN quickly moves recruiters beyond startup and into active recruiting.<br /><br />&ldquo;As a former hiring manager and one who has worked with recruiters of all stripes for nearly 30 years, I am very impressed with the range of capabilities and content that IRN has pulled together for the independent or small company recruiter,&rdquo; said David Dodge, IRN vice president. </p><p>Dodge, with a long history of independent consulting experience and solutions integration in the recruitment marketplace with IBM and other professional service organizations, sees considerable promise for the independent recruiter that leverages IRN. </p><p>&ldquo;From access to a vast resume database and unparalleled Internet search functionality, to ready-to-fill job openings and software that helps you organize and manage the entire life cycle, IRN puts a set of tools into a recruiter&#39;s hands that can&#39;t fail to improve revenue flow for anybody willing to recruit for a living,” Dodge said. “IRN will go a long way toward making independent recruiters major players in working with the Fortune 1000 and fast growth, mid-market companies.&rdquo;<br /><br />TalentHook, a tool that aids the recruiter in consolidating and maximizing on Internet resume search, keeps a steady pool of resumes at the ready to begin closing on the new business IRN helps to generate. </p><p>TalentHook features include saved searches that can be scheduled to run daily across a broad range of Internet resume sources, including paid and free resume sites, association and professional networks, college and alumni sites, community pages and the open Web.<br /><br />Phil Gonzalez, Resource Edge CEO, has seen firsthand what the robust resume search tool means to the bottom line of independent business owners and is happy to offer the solution across a broader network. </p><p>&ldquo;IRN has demonstrated a strong commitment to recruiters and their needs, professionally and strategically,” he said. “Partnering with this organizaion gives TalentHook the opportunity to demonstrate its value to independent recruiters looking to add an economical and effective tool to their sourcing efforts. It also allows organizations and corporate clients an opportunity to benefit from established product that could greatly impact their large scale sourcing requirements.<br /><br />”As recruitment process outsourcing trends continue to climb, those RPO providers will demonstrate their value not only in the results they provide, but the tools they incorporate to get the job done.&rdquo;<br /><br />IRN and TalentHook will both provide their respective client bases with information about each company and the services provided. </p><p>TalentHook plans to feature information about IRN on its Web site with referrals to any clients interested in learning more about the network.</p>

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