Increased Spam and Phishing Attacks Top List of E-Mail Marketer Challenges

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Mountain View, Calif. — Jan. 27
Increased spam and phishing attacks along with further e-mail and image blocking by ISPs top the lists of marketer's concerns for 2009, this according to a recent Goodmail-sponsored survey conducted by JupiterResearch.

The survey asked 202 e-mail marketers which challenges related to the success of their e-mail marketing initiatives during the next 12 months most concerned them. Marketers cited “increased spam and phishing attacks” as the most pending anxiety, with 53 percent of respondents calling it a top concern in 2009, followed by “further email and image blocking by ISPs” (45 percent).

By comparison, survey respondents were less concerned about “slowing consumer spending” (40 percent), their ability to stay relevant with subscribers (27 percent), or securing adequate budget for their programs (16 percent). Only 11 percent feel that their e-mail programs are threatened by “increased consumer preference for social and mobile communications.”

“It is telling that marketers are more concerned about challenges related to spam and phishing than they are about sour macroeconomic conditions,” said Peter Horan, CEO of Goodmail. “As a highly cost-effective and targeted means of communicating with customers, e-mail is increasingly seen as the marketing department's workhorse. But marketers also understand that in order to be effective, their e-mails must be reliably trusted, delivered and viewable to recipients. CertifiedEmail is their answer.”

CertifiedEmail is the ultimate solution for restoring trust in e-mail. A blue ribbon envelope icon, unique to CertifiedEmail messages, lets recipients know that the e-mail really is from the sender it appears to be from and can be trusted. CertifiedEmail is built directly into the recipient's e-mail application, with no downloads or plug-ins required.

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